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Wegraakbosch Organic Dairy

Wegraakbosch Organic Dairy                                                      Road no M1, Cheerio Valley, Magoebaskloof
Nipper 082 853 8754 | Sylvia 071 687 5218 | Dora 072 623 4143
Wegraakbosch Cheese - Magoebaskloof Accommodation

Type: Organic Dairy
Operating hours: By appointment - please sms on 072 623 4143 or 071 687 5218 for bookings
Activities: Cheesemaking and  tours; cheese tasting; farm tours; school tours
Fun for the whole family on a beautiful farm in the mist. Playful farm animals greets you as you arrive. See how cheese is made in a copper cauldron over an open fire, without Eskom power! Cheese tasting and tours by arrangement. Read more...

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Property description
Grab the whole family and soak up the countrified charms of this quaint little dairy farm. Winners of the Eat In 'Best Organic Producer' 2008 award for their organic produce, Wegraakbosch Organic Cheese Dairy is well worth a visit. Take a tour, taste and watch cheese being made in the traditional way – it’s so good! Cows are milked by hand and curds are stirred in a big copper cauldron over a fire. You will be met by friendly chickens, ducks and geese and you can stock up on organic cheese and dairy products. You’ll find a tempting array products - yoghurt, feta, ricotta, cottage and other hard and soft cheeses, pickles and preserves - their olives are a must!

Cheese tours:
Hear the story of cheese making:  how we got to learn to make cheese, cheese making in the family, the process of cheese making and bacteria, and how this fits into organic farming;  the amazing use of bacteria in maintaining the hygiene in the dairy as well as the control of flies.  Taste our cheese, or have a delicious cheese platter under the wisteria. .  The tour takes about 45 minutes and costs R90 for adults and R60 for children.  We can give a 10 minute tour through the dairy for R20.  There is a milking tour at 2.30pm for R20 per person entering the parlor, and a tour of the farm for R90.

Cheese Platters
We have a number of patrons who return whenever they are in the area, for the tranquility and beauty as well as the amazing range of tastes on the beautiful organic cheese platter. Cost of cheese platter R60.  Please sms on 
072 623 4143 or 071 687 5218 to book your platter!
We grow organic vegetables in the garden below the house, using compost and vermipost only.  Here we do crop rotation and companion planting, mulching.  We plant by the moon and we plant what is in season.  We have a herb garden as well.  The vegetables are sold in a weekly box scheme.  Lettuce is also sold at Foodzone.

Free Range Eggs
Our laying hens are kept in movable pens so that they can eat fresh grass and rispers.  This can be seen and tasted in the quality of the eggs which have a bright yellow yolk and a firm texture.  Although not completely organic because of the bought laying pellets, they do not need pampering or antibiotics in this very healthy setting.

Free Range Pigs
Our pigs are free range and clean up bushy areas to clear pastures.  They do all the things that pigs are designed for and love to do:  snuffling out worms, digging for tasty roots, and making cosy nests.  They are controlled with a very simple but effective electric fence.  From this tasty meat we make a delicious chouriço.  Here again we use very old Portuguese recipe that relies on the fermentation of the spicy meat as well as smoking which preserves it and also gives it a fantastic flavour.  

Magoebaskloof Accommodation - Thompson NurseryNursery: 
Thompsons Nursery has been in the family for two generations, producing japanese flowering cherries and crabapples.  We sell 14 different varieties of japanese flowering cherries and 8 varieties of crabapples, which are distributed throughout the cooler regions of South Africa.  The trees are sold ex open ground during the winter.  We also have a variety of other deciduous trees and bulbs.  We can deliver to the Reef at this time, or send by courier to other areas.


Organic Farming
Clifford and Eva Thompson, Nipper's parents started farming organically on Wegraakbosch, and we have continued with this passion.  Our focus is on sustainability, so we make compost, vermipost, and are Eskom free through the use of solar power and wood fire to heat water.  This is a real traditional farm, with cattle, goats, pigs, geese and chickens.  It is a symbiosis that sustains the whole and fits the slow food movement ethos, e.g.  agro-tourism that is so popular in Italy at the moment.  The spirit of the farm is noticed by all who visit in the openness and friendliness of the long standing staff who will assist you.   People are a very important part of this whole organism.  We remain labour intensive even though the government is not supporting us in this quest and they make it very difficult to be profitable.  We produce a whole range of delicious and healthy food products.
The Road Stall
Our road stall is below Picasso Restaurant, and opens on weekends and holidays from 10am to 5pm.  Here you can taste the cheese or chouriço you want to buy.  During the week the dairy is open during working hours, 7am to 5pm on week days and 7am to 11.30am over weekends and holidays.



Fresh OrgaMagoebaskloof Accommodationnic Milk (unpasturised):  1 litre, 2 litres.
Yoghurt:  Natural, Strawberry, Youngberry, Granadilla, Kiwi in 1litre and 175 ml.We also make a goat milk yoghurt.
Cottage Cheese:  Natural, Mixed Herbs, Garlic & Chives, Onion & Celery.  Available in 1 liter and 250 ml containers.   1 litre containers on order only.
Ricotta:  Plain, in 250 ml or as required.
Feta:  Plain, herbed, with black pepper corns and Peppadew (latter on order only) in 350 ml tubs.  In bulk can be ordered.
Mutchli cheese:  a soft, mould ripened cheese available in rounds of plain, smoked, with cumin, caraway, peppadew, green pepper corn, pecan nut, garlic.
Bobok is a goat milk mutchli, sometimes soft or hard as parmesan.
We also sell a hard version of Mutchli as ‘parmesan’, that can be grated as needed.
Chevin is a goat milk cottage cheese sold as a roll.  It is great covered in chopped herbs.
Tilsiter:  a medium hard cheese that is good for melting as raclette or fondue, and toasted cheese.
Havarti:  a hard cheese of Danish recipe that is mild when young and tasty when over 3 months.
Thabeng: a hard alpine cheese, mild when young and tasty when over 3 months.
Lesedi:  an emmentaler type cheese, sweet and mild when young and tasty when over 3 months.
The hard cheeses can become sharp as they age.
Our cows are tested for CA and TB on a yearly basis.  For Yoghurt and Cottage Cheese we pasteurize the milk but for the rest of the products on this list we use raw milk.
Our products are free from preservatives and colorants except for Tilsiter, which is superficially rubbed with Anatto, a colorant of vegetable origin.
Wegraakbosch Organic Dairy is certified organic:  BDOCA 091GLPr


School / Group tours
School tours for all age groups:  Pre-school, Primary and High Schools, where the emphasis is on an experience.  The things that you will always remember:  smelling,  touching and tasting as well as the fun of having a shared shock from an electric fence.  Every one will always remember a whole line of friends holding hands and screeching with amazement.  Hotel Schools and University students also have a lot to learn here, especially in the production of cheese, yoghurt as well as chouriço, where micro-organisms are used in the fermentation of milk and meat products;  to understand that that delicious taste, is the lactic acid which is also the natural preservative.

We cover: Cheese making and tourism; artificial insemination; livestock; gardening and tree nursery; sustainability; farm management; biodiversity
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School group tours -
R50/pupil for junior school and younger
R70/pupil for high school pupils and older

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Map and directions

From Johannesburg, take the N1 highway to Polokwane (Pietersburg), then the R71 to Tzaneen, continue for +-61km and pass the turn-off to Haenertsburg. Turn left at the turn-off to Cheerio (signposted).   Travel fo about two kilometres on the sand road - please go slow - until you come to a fork in the road, turn right then the turnoff to the left about 100-200metres to Wegraakbosch Dairy.  At the fork in the road, turn to the right towards the dairy.  Road number M1


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Wegraakbosch Dairy - Magoebaskloof Accommodation

Wegraakbosch Dairy
Road no M1, Cheerio Valley

Nipper +27 (0)82 853 8754
Sylvia +27 (0) 71 687 5218
Dora +27 (0)72 623 4143

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Cheerio Trout Fishing and Holiday Resort, Cheerio Gardens, Sequoia Gardens and Zwakala are all within a few kilometers from Wegraakbosch. 
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Other places to visit close-by
Cheerio Gardens is next door to Wegraakbosch and is a delight at any time of the year. The gardens displays beautiful autumn colors in autumn, lush greenery in summer and in spring the flowering cherries and azaleas is a delight. Visit their tea garden for light lunches
Sequoia Gardens is an absolute must for all gardeners and nature lovers. The Village of Haenertsburg is ony about 6 km away.