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Magoebaskoof is not really a town, but a mountainous, forested area on the slopes of the northern Wolkberg.  Home of one of  the steepest mountain passes in South Africa, the Magoebaskloof Pass, visitors to the area will want to stay awhile before continuing on to the Lowveld of the Kruger National Park and other game reserves. The area is well Magoebaskloof Accommodation - Tzaneen Accommodationknown for its birding, mountain biking and adventure sport.  A few very interesting and challenging mountain bike trails have been established by the Magoebaskloof Tourism Association and some of other venues and can be accessed from quite a few of the establishments in the area. It is also a well-known and well loved birding area with well established birding routes on which quite a few rare birds species can be found.   The Village of Haenertsburg is situated within the Magoebaskloof area and offers quaint shops, restaurants and no less than four festivals a year!        

Did you know?

Magoebaskloof boasts some of the tallest trees in Africa. A tree expedition led by professional tree climbers Leon Visser and Charles Green found the newest giant among a stand of Champion trees that measured at 79 metres. This tree, and the one standing next to it (measured at 78.5 m) have been dubbed the 'Twin Giants of Magoebaskloof'.

These Saligna gum trees (Eucalyptus saligna) could also be the tallest planted trees in the world. Forest scientists from Australia where these tree species grow naturally, are astounded not only by the height attained by the trees in South Africa, but also at their phenomenal growth rate. The benign soils and climate of Magoebaskloof have produced many outstanding trees, and has the largest concentration of trees on the big tree register in the country.

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